The Roughrider National teams will be formed in Fall of 2018 to compete in Spring/Summer 2019.  With the powers and talent in Maryland, Pennsylvania and now Virginia, Roughrider Nation will represent with one team to play on the National level.

All players from the regional teams (MD, PA, VA) will be eligible to participate. Team selection/tryouts are TBD.

The goal is to form a unit that will represent the red and black to the fullest on the grandest scale. Teams will be brought together to compete at a yet to be determined event at the conclusion of the summer season

Training camp and ELITE weekends will take place in the winter and spring of 2019 leading up to competition.  These will not just be ‘All-Star’ teams that are thrown together. A full plan will be in place that includes leadership, training, and building team chemistry with our Roughrider brothers.

Stay tuned as more information will be posted!