Our skill sessions are run by Roughrider coaches and alums, and other players who have played at the DI, DII, DIII levels, as well as the professional level. We have coaches for each position, and our skill sessions are skill and position specific to allow all of our players to hone their skills, while learning new ones too. We believe that high energy, fast paced, repetitions of skills and drills allow our players to create the right habits, while bringing ENTHUSIASM to each and every skill session.

Stay tuned as we look to continue our skill sessions back up in the fall of 2017. For any questions, concerns, etc. please reach out to us at [email protected].

Skill Session Coaches

  • Taylor Stothoff – Penn State, Midfield
  • Travis Puls – Virginia Wesleyan University, Midfield
  • Johnny Galloway – Villanova University, Attack
  • K.R. Schultz – McDaniel University, Goalie
  • Tyler Tomeny – Clarkson University, Attack
  • Tyler O’Brien – Clarkson University, Defense
  • Derrick Cheney – Clarkson University, Defense
  • Joey Chestnutt – Hereford / Towson University, Faceoff
  • Christian Koch – Florida Tech, Goalie
  • Nick Kellinger – Maryland, Goalie