Welcome to Recruiting Night! We will be setting up multiple recruiting nights for our Roughrider players and parents who want to learn more about the recruiting process.

Roughrider alums, college coaches, and other credible people in the lacrosse community will be presenting valuable information on the recruiting process. Each recruiting night will also have a Q & A portion so that you, the parent, can ask the questions that you would personally like to know!

You can sign up for Recruiting Night below, and feel free to come to as many as you would like! If we have a large number of sign ups, we will change the venue.

PA Roughrider nights are in the works. Stay tuned!

Recruiting Night #1

Matt Cornell, Ohio St. grad and General Manager of Events here at CSE  lead the first recruiting night of the year. Matt covered the landscape of recruiting as well as the game in general. He spoke about the different events and the rules of recruiting. Check out his documents and the video below.

Recruiting Night #2

UMBC Head Coach, Ryan Moran  tool the lead on the second recruiting night to discuss the current landscape in the sport and recruiting process. Ryan is one of the top coaches in D1 and highly regarded at the collegiate level. A former Maryland player himself, he came from Loyola after coaching for 2 seasons under Charlie Toomey where he helped guide the Greyhounds to the NCAA Semifinals.

Takeaways from Coach Moran

  • Video & Highlight Films: Any email that has a link in it he watches!
  • Recruiting Services: He does not use them at all…
  • If you don’t have a video or wants more information he will Google you. Find out more. Including social media….
    1. No player has ever been selected based on a post or tweet, but players have been removed from lists because of negative posts…
  • On the field they notice everything and score players on how they grade their team: shot selection, passing, cutting, footwork, hustle plays, everything.
  • Has never kept score of a club game. Doesn’t care about stats.
  • Watches closely on the intangibles before, during, and after the game: BODY LANGUAGE!!!, how do you warm-up, are you late to the field, wearing flip flops and a backwards hat….
  • When getting down to selecting players to join his program bases on the criteria in order:
    1. Maturity
    2. Positive reviews from coaches and teachers
    3. Academic Competitiveness – Treat it just like a game….

C’s are a ‘loss’. B’s = win by 1 or 2. A’s = win by 7 or 8

  1. Athletic Competitiveness – how bad do you want to win?
  2. Athletic Ability
  • When making a choice on school it comes back to the people you are around and who you will be with those four years.
  • Some questions to ask a college coach after a visit or conversations pickup:
    1. Do you need to see me play anymore? Or meet more?
    2. How are scholarships distributed?
    3. What are the majors of players on the team
      • Your potential major might not be an option due to practice/time conflicts, etc.
    4. How strong is the alumni support when entering the real work