Welcome to Recruiting Night! We will be setting up multiple recruiting nights for our Roughrider parents who want to learn more about the recruiting process.

Roughrider alums, college coaches, and other credible people in the lacrosse community will be presenting valuable information on the recruiting process. Each recruiting night will also have a Q & A portion so that you, the parent, can ask the questions that you would personally like to know!

You can sign up for Recruiting Night below, and feel free to come to as many as you would like!

Recruiting Night #1

J. Ward Coaching Cropped

A huge thank you to Justin Ward and all of the parents who came out for our informational session. Coach Ward touched on early recruiting, the process, his story, and some great life lessons and values. We really hope everyone learned something and felt that it was worthwhile!

Some of the takeaways:

  • If you are good enough, you will be seen. Play in the 4-5 tournaments with Roughriders, and then add 2-3 other events (tryouts, showcases, prospect days)


  • Early recruiting is a reality, with the good and bad. Educate yourself on it and embrace the process.


  • It is easy for coaches/schools to find the best lacrosse players, but are looking for the best people. They are watching more than just the game, but interactions with teammates, coaches, parents, even the snowball vendor!


  • Don’t give a coach a reason to cross you off the list. Proper grammar in emails, learn how to leave a voicemail, and act like a mature adult.


  • Players – Do you love the game? Don’t commit just for the social reasons, bt that you want to be at a school and love the sport.


  • Parents – Help guide and be an administrator, but your son must do all the work. “Be the GPS, but let your son drive the car.”


  • Lean on the Roughriders for any and all questions. We will reach out to coaches as often as we can, but ‘help us, help you’. We cannot answer your question if you do not ask!

Recruiting Night #2

Joe Bucci

Thanks again to UMBC Volunteer Assistant Coach, Joe Bucci, for spending time with our Roughrider parents to drop some knowledge about the recruiting process, and what coaches are looking for when recruiting a player. It was a very informative seminar, that our parents got a lot of!

Here are some of the key points to his talk:

  • When recruiting players, coaches definitely want to recruit talented lacrosse players, but they are also looking for the kid picking up the trash at the end of the game, the player with the best grades, as well as the player who works hard in all facets of the game. There will always be plenty of talent to look at from a coaches perspective, but they are looking for that player that can separate himself in other ways.
  • Game film and highlight tapes are very important! Show all parts of your game, the good and a little bit of the bad. When putting together a highlight tape, put your very best plays in the beginning so that you can catch the eye of the coaches immediately.
  • It’s OKAY to be a late bloomer! Continue to improve your game each and every year. Improve your stick skills, dodging, footwork, etc., because once your body starts to develop, everything else will come to fruition. Coaches are still out there recruiting juniors and seniors, so show them what you can do on the field, and they will reach out!
  • College lacrosse is a J-O-B! You must be ready to commit and sacrifice to play college lacrosse. It varies between Division I, Division II, and Division III, but there will always be commitments and sacrifices in each division. Think about what you really want out of your college experience!
  • College coaches are not only recruiting the player, but also the parents. Be on your best behavior at tournaments, and look to be supportive of your son and the team. College coaches are listening and watching!