Below is more information and questions that are frequently asked in regards to the ROUGHRIDER teams.

  • Who are the Roughriders?

The Roughrider lacrosse club is committed to providing the very best lacrosse experience on and off the field all while developing each athlete and guiding them to be their very best! The Roughriders are owned and operated by Corrigan Sports (CSE) the leader in sports marketing and event management. CSE produces and owns numerous high profile events throughtout the country, among them are the Baltimore Marathon, the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Games, IWLCA Girls Lacrosse Recruiting Series, Baltimore 10-Miler, IMLCA National Cup, and more! Teams are offered in the youth and high school age divisions, and selected through open tryouts each August.

  • Am I required to attend all Roughrider tryout sessions?

It is highly recommended, but not required, that all players interested in making a team attend all tryout sessions. Tryouts are OPEN to all eligible players with no roster spots guaranteed. Missing a tryout session may adversely affect your chances of making a team due to lack of evaluation.

  • What is included in the Roughrider Club Tuition?

The following are included for the 2023/2024 seasons:

  • Fall Tournaments: 2 -3 tournaments depending on age and level.
  • Spring Club Leagues (YOUTH ONLY)
  • Summer Tournaments: 3-4 tournaments for the Youth. 4-5 tournaments for High School, depending on team. 2-3 local. 1-2 travel along the East Coast
    • Practice Fields: Roughriders play Indoor & Outdoor at various schools and Universities.
    • Skills Training: In addition to practices, players will have access to position specific skills training and clinics (offense, defense, face-off, goaltending, and more) throughout the winter and preseason months of January and February.
    • Gear: We offer the best New Balance gear/uniform package out of any club!
  • What tournaments do you participate in?

Our teams participate in the top recruitment and showcase tournaments for elite players in the country.

  • How much does it cost?

Roughrider club fees for the 2023-2024 season will be determined based on the final tournament schedule, practices, and gear package. Full year youth package will range from $1400 to $1900. High school teams range from $2200 to $2500.

  • Is attendance at practices and tournaments mandatory?

Attendance is for the success and development of both the player and team. It is expected that players will attend every tournament, game, and practice, unless they have a significant conflicting commitment. Absences are excusable at the discretion of the coach, but playing time may be affected. During the spring (youth only) and summer seasons, Roughriders will be the number one priority. During the fall and winter months we will work with families and other sport schedules.

  • Will there be practices in the fall ?

Yes, anticipate a number of weekend (mainly Sunday) practices from September-November. Attempts will be made to not conflict with fall sports schedules.

  • When and how much do you practice?

Spring and Summer practices for youth teams will be held 2-3 times a week, Monday-Saturday. High school level teams will practice following high school competition in mid-May and practice 2-3 times per week. A set schedule/calendar will be produced prior to the start of each season.

  • Can I only play in one season?

We ask that you play all seasons (fall, spring, and summer) for youth. High school is summer and fall only. We highly recommend you attend all fall tournaments but understand there may be conflicts with fall sports.

  • Who is coaching my team?

The Roughriders are comprised of an amazing staff with backgrounds from all levels. Each team will consist of a full time staff (minimum two) as well as being supplemented with positional coaches, former Roughrider greats, and current college players.


  • How are teams selected?

Teams are selected through a two day open tryout process in August. Players will be pre-assigned a tryout number that correlates to the evaluation sheet. Coaches and evaluators will put players through a number of drills and game like situations to best select the team.

  • Does Roughrider conflict with REC and other MYLA teams?

Yes.  Though there maybe conflicts with Cobra and other MYLA team schedules, we leave it up to the individual player and family to decide what is best for their athlete. Please reference the attendance policy and note that we expect the Roughriders to be your top priority come spring and summer.

  • Do you have a maximum roster size?

Yes. Rosters are capped at 20 field players plus 1 or 2 goalies for a maximum of 22 at youth; HS teams average 24 including 2 goalies.

  • Why join the Roughriders?

The Roughrider lacrosse club has a unique background with tons of experience and offers an awesome atmosphere, both on and off the field. With the backbone of Corrigan Sports running the operation to the connections at the college ranks, the Roughriders have it all.  The coaching staff is 100% dedicated to improving player development, while ensuring that players and families alike, are enjoying their time at practices, games, and tournaments. The Roughriders are known for a family atmosphere with awesome tailgates, parties, and truly building great team chemistry.  CSE is known in the lacrosse world for producing the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Event, along with a number of other highly successful events. The relationships and connections built with college coaches, sponsors, and other industry leaders have helped the Roughrider brand flourish. Come check out what Roughrider Nation is all about!