The Roughriders are looking for small groups (10-12) to volunteer at the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore City February 6th. Student athletes will help serve dinner and cleanup from 4-7p each day.

Due to the Roughrider Bull Roast on February 20th we will reschedule that date!

At the time the February 6th date is full. More dates will be available in March.

Organization’s Mission: Helping Baltimore’s homeless men.

  • Helping Up Mission provides hope to people experiencing homelessness, poverty or addiction by meeting their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. The average homeless man we serve has survived two decades of substance abuse and years on the streets. He comes to us addicted, destitute, and dysfunctional — with no realistic capacity to recover on his own.

Timeline and flow:

  • Student athlete volunteers will be serving food over steam trays, staffing the beverage, salad and dessert stations in the kitchen to male residents of the Helping Up Mission
  • Arrival time is by 4 PM for a brief tour of the facility which is recommended to ensure comfort level of student athlete volunteers
  • Meal service is from 5 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Cleanup is ongoing and after 6:30 PM (most likely will be wrapped up about 7 PM)
  • There will be plenty of food for student athlete volunteers to have a meal
  • Student athlete volunteers should be respectful and engage residents in conversation (encouraged to ask questions and have conversation)
  • Public restrooms easily and readily available for all

Dress code:

  • no open-toed shoes (this includes flip flops)
  • clothes they wouldn’t mind if they get some spaghetti sauce (or anything) spilled on

Provided by the Mission and must be worn by all student athlete volunteers:

  • Aprons
  • Gloves
  • Hair nets


  • On street (East Baltimore St)
  • Lot to the right facing the building
  • Lot at rear of the building

1029 East Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21202